Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nintendo DSi Mic

Nintendo DSi Mic

Update - You can Now get replacement Mics from here

Trouble shooting the Nintendo DSi Mic, If your NDSi is no longer under warranty and the microphone doesnt work, then you can try the following to fix it.

The NDS Lite microphone does not fit on the NDSi, it is not compatable due to the plug being different size. The NDSi cable is more fragile and smaller in general.

You can get external heaphones with Mic as a work around, but to its not a fix.

I first thought that it was a microphone, so I took the NDSi microphone out and solder an replacement one from a NDS Lite microphone onto the NDSi Mic cable. It turns out in this case to be a faulty cable.

( Hint, use a mutlimeter to check that the microphone cable is OK, ie not broken somewhere in between - in my case it was a faulty cable, at first i thought it was software faulton the NSDi )

I cant find anyone who supplies the NDSi Microphone replacement at the moment, simple fix is to make your own cable and solder it.

NDSi Mic solder points

I have tested this with a Standard Microphone from a PC head set, and a microphone of a old Motorolla mobile phone and the NDS Lite microphone.


Standard Mic of a PC headset.


Motorolla Microphone


I ended up, using the cables of the Motorolla microphone as it has plugs and is easier to take apart in future. I ended up using the standard NDSLite microphone attached to the smallest trace wire I could find laying around.


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