Wednesday, 10 October 2012

PSEXEC to Run an EXE Remotely

Problem I had at work was to remotely execute a exe file, in this case it was an software auditing executable called auditscanner.exe on machines on our network. Some machines do not get turned off, so it wont run during login on my login scripts.

Using psexec.exe


psexec.exe @10.10.2hosts.txt -u Domain\Admin_account -p PASSWORD "\\fileserver\shared\audit\scanner\AuditScanner.exe" >audit10.2SRV.txt


the 10.10.2host.txt is just a text file with



The audit10.2SRV.txt is just a output text result.


Contents of file ( copy past into notepad, save as txt file - you can use find replace to get any range you need )

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