Friday, 12 October 2012

R33 Power Window Motor

Nissan Skyline R33 power window replacement guide.

Replacement powerwindow motor can be sourced from Nissan Dealer ( new $450 or 2nd hand one from EBay $99 ).

Nissan skyline r33 power window motor

Tips and tricks before going out and getting a power window motor.

If your window is stuck halfway and not fully up, Take the door trim off and hit the power window motor with a hammer or screwdriver to losen the brushes. This will temporary work to allow you to close your window.

hit here point

If you have access to a relay from a similar car ( skyline, s13 silvia, GTR ) you can test the relay.

r33 skyline relay

Last test to do, is to applie power directly to the power window motor. Unclip the connector and apply direct 12v to the motor. You can use a 12v car jumper battery pack.

power window motor clip

Taking the Trim off

To take the Trim off, pop the plastic trim where the door leaver is out can use a screwdriver.

Undo the screw in the door handle and pull the powerwindow control out

Undo the 3 screew and then pull carefully until the clips pop out.


trim screw points

Once it is off, carefully take the plastic sheet off and then tape the window to the door so that it will not drop. You will also need to take out the speaker for accessing the Power window motor.



tape window


RHS speaker

Now the fun part, you will have to feel around for where the screws holding the power window motor in. Be carefull not to round the screws or you are screwed.


power window motor

You can take out the screws with a stubby screwdriver or the funny shaped screw driver that looks like to "L" stuck together or an L shape screw driver for more leverage.

Inside door


It may take a bit of effort to take the power window motor out. Three screws hold the motor on the inside and two screws hold it on on the outside.

Finally the motor is out. To install the replacement motor, do the reverse.

old power window motor

If anyone can tell me where I can source the brushes inside that brush against the armature, I would be greatly appreciated. I will then be able to show you how to recondition the powerwindow motor.

Then main cause of the powerwindow motor burning out in this case was that the powerwindow button was faulty on closer inspection. Symtopns were if your power window button does not centre after closing/opening driver side window and you continue to hear the motor wind once the window has fully closed/open. The replacement motor died same sameway within 3 months.

Worn brush

Worb brush



magnet and my fingers


  1. fantastic! thanks mate, this is going to be fun!
    now to find a 2nd hand motor cheap and figure out how to get to the screws to remove the existing one

  2. I need those carbon brushes model to buy replacements please.