Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Netcomm NB6Plus4W Repair

Problem with this unit was that the PC connected to the modem as timing out while browsing the internet. laptops that were connected wirelessly was working OK.

Pinging the unit from the PC gives over 50% packet loss or greater.

These NB6Plus4W have 3 yrs warranty on it, however hardly anyone bothers to register them online to get the 3yrs warranty within the first 30 days of purchase. These units are still worth $100 new as of APril 2010 and its a waste to throw out a cheap good modem.

Upon opening the Netcomm NB6Plus4W, I can tell straight away that the capacitor have gone bad/faulty. The capacitor that required changing is 470uF 10V. These NB6Plus4W can be fixed for under $10 with a little bit of soldering skill.

Visual Signs of Capacitor Failure more info on replacing general capacitors can be found here

Inside NB6Plus4W, picture of mainboard circuit.

The faulty Caps, you can see the red cricled cap slightly bulding on the top.

Top down view. The most likely cause will be due to heat and constant 24/7 use.

You can replace them with any capacitor with the same ratings, however the Aluminum solid Capacitor will last longer and or named brand such as phillips/Nippon-Chemi Con etc.


Remember that Capacitors have polarity ( + , - sides ) and need to placed in the correct polarity.

I decided to replace both capacitors - Total parts was $11 AUD delivered, however I got 20 capacitors ( two got crushed during transit )  - but you can get it for less with less.

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