Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Media Display Stand

My company has one of these display stands, however the speaker on the unit was playing up and the media player wasnt working properly. They originally had ROCK USB Speakers - they were sub $10 speakers and you get what you pay for ( even though I know that the stand costs a bit ) and the power supply for the media play on inspection had some bad capacitors.

Anyways to fix this problem, I replaced the 5V - 2A supply with somethign similar, The best match for this was a power supply for the Sony PSP which cost about $5.

I replaced the Speaker with the same ROCK USB speakers and they were still crap, so I then got a paro of Nokia Blue Tooth Speakers they run of 5V.

The media play is a no name brand that plays .MPG files in a loop of the flash card to a standard VGA monitor.

Media Stand


Power Input

Power Plug



VGA Plug

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