Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nintendo NDSi F1 Fuse

The Nintendo DSi Fuse are located on both the mainboard and the sub board underneath the battery.

F1 Fuse on the Sub Board

2nd F1 Fuse Location on the mainboard

NDSi F1 Fuse location


I cant seem to find a F2 Fuse for the NDSi. But I had a NDSi with the Blown Fuse symptoms.

The NDSi when plugged into power, light will go solid amber as if it was charging, but will not power On.

When I remove the battery while it was charging with a solid amber light, the amber light will then blink on and off.

I have ruled out the screens with a working NDSi. On closer inspection to the mainboard. I notice that one of the smd was slightly damaged with the top silver part missing on the edge. I dont know the exact part and did not have a spare NDSi mainboard to get spare parts off.

I replaced it with a similar part I pulled off a NDS Lite board, when I out it all back together and powered it on, The NDSi turned on and worked.


I cant gurantee this to work in all cases, but it is worth a try.

UPDATE 21-01-2011 Work In Progress

I have been given a water damaged NDSi, which I eventually got working with luck by cleaning the contacts and getting rid of the oxidation. The unit powers on and everything works, however when the Battery ran out and recharging it, the  unit does not charge. All fuses on the NDSi was fine.

Opened up a working NDSi and found that the voltage across the main plun from the power adaptoer is 5V and the Voltage across the Battery terminal is osilating between 1V and 4.2V in 1 second intervals.

The Faulty NDSi had no voltage. Google search of the IC ID number on the Chip I suspected had returned no results. However doing further research in creating my own charging circuit I can across the following IC.



 Technical Spec MCP93831T

UPDATE 24/5/2011

Sorry for the delay and lack of updates - dont have too much time on my hand atm or get sidetracked, I got an email from someone who couldnt wait for me to try it - so he went out and got the IC and replaced it himself. Thanks to DAVE, he got lucky and this fixed his charging issue on the NDSi.


just thought id drop u a message

i went n bought a few of the charge controllers today

swapped it out and without a battery in teh charge light was flashing ;)

put the battery back in and the charge light goes solid and is now charging the batter ;)

you can update your website with the info now ;)

thanks for your info and thougth id update you ;)

im not sure if this will work for all of them as other components may be damaged with water as we both know this can happen

may b i got lucky

or may b this is a common fault



So I guess it wont hurt to try it and you got nothing to lose.

NDSi Mainboard


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