Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blackberry Frequency

After a morning of Trying to find out what frequency the Blackberry Bold devices connect to the carriers network on. Initial search lead me to think that I needed access to the Enginering Screen. Access by pressign Alt + Shift H on the blackberry. However you will require a non branded mobile phone.


So the other way you can figure it out is that If your blackberry Firmware is new enough it will show you something like this in the about screen,

3G Bands 1,4,8

( Options > About ) On a Blackberry 9700

From the list on the Operating Band - 3G  1,4,8  equates to





So This Blackberry phone will have poor or little coverage in rural Australia. Which uses the 850 band :-( which the user is complaining to me about my company uses both Tesltra and Vodaphone Mobile sims.


Some other useful link.

Vodaphone Coverage in Australia





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