Wednesday, 10 October 2012

PSP Firmware update

PSP Firmware update

### You have to have a custom firmware already to run this, do not run this if you do NOT have a custom firmware on your PSP. Does not support PSP3000#### If you have a bricked PSP a Pandora battery will unbrick it.

If you want a to make a Pandora battery you can get the instructions here.

Pandora's Battery. Although you have to sacrifice one original battery. Fake batteries will not work.

OR you can Order one here for only $5 USd delivered

You can visit the official website here Dark Alex.

3.71M33 Bios

3.71 M33-2 Bios

Download the followint 5.00M33-6 Firmware of Dark Akex site or download it here. Then you have to extract it. You will also need to download the office Sony PSP ver 5.00 update or you can download it here.

In the "UPDATE" folder you should have th EBOOT.PBP and the 500.BPB. Copy the "UPDATE" folder into your memory card on th PSP in the correct folder.


You should see PSP/GAME/UPDATE, Once it is there you can update off your PSP. Navigate to where you launch your games off the memory card and run the update.

 PSP update

The update will prompt you - press X to continue. It will then start to update and the process wont take long.

PSP Updating

Once it has finished, It will reboot and you can check the version.

5.00m33-6 Bios

You can safely run the Adobe Flash and Windows WMA file support on the PSP without any effect.

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