Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Vodafone K3765 Unlock

I had to test some USB Wireless internet modems for work to make them work with with different service providers and find the most cost effective solution.

The cheapest modem USB 3G Modem around was the $50 prepaid from Vodafone Australia bundle.

I also have got the Telstra ZTE MF633+ ( Purchased one Retail for $250 AUD ).  Hence the reason why I need to find a cheaper alternative.

A company I work for has a fleet of 20 datacards that needs to be replaced. If your visiting China you can get the ZTE MF633+ ( Telstra Branded ) for $250 RMB. Unlocked!! Approx $50 AUD a fifth of the cost to purchase locally - My company also has office in Shanghai so we were able to get them from which is China's Ebay. It will come with the local carriers Dashboard, but you can change that with the DC-Unlock software. ( does not ship internationally - just within China and you need an account etc to buy stuff - Howerver there are some sites that can buy on your behalf and send it internationall with a percentage + postage on top )

To unlock Vodafone K3765, you can go through Vodafone.

Vodafone charges a $50 unlocking fee and some other fee from their website. Total $75 to unlock it

You can unlock this device yourself for  $4 Euro. using DC-Unlock software for windows.

Install Vodafone “mobile connect manager” of the pre-paid  modems dashboard. Reboot PC if you need to.

Plug in your USB modem and make sure that the device is detected in the “Manage Devices” tab. The Vodafone connect manager will automattically launch when the usb is plugged in.

Now head over to and download the latest version.

Install the software, it may require a reboot.

You will need to create an account from and you will need a paid account to use some of the free features of the software. I suggest opening an account with 4 Credit - which is $4 Euro to start with.

The software has some other really useful feature such as the dashboard and reading the rom files and can unlock certain modems for free.

 One other catch is that dc-unlocker site will require a verified PayPal account to accept payments. If you don’t have a verified prepaid account. Then when you try to pay with Paypal it will automatically refund your PayPal Money.

 Other catch is that your PC will need internet access while running the DC-Unlock software. The software needs to log onto the DC-Unlock server to check how many credits you have.

Plug the Vodafone K3765 modem in and close the vodafone connect manager. Closing the software sometimes just minimises it. You have to right click and exit.


Run the DC-Unlock software and click on the Server Tab. Enter your login account details.


Select Huawei, you can select the modem or leave it on auto detect.

Then click on the search.

Once detected and you have enough credits to unlock, Click on "Do Job" and then you have a unlocked Vodafone K3765 modem.




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