Wednesday, 10 October 2012

N97 Mini Sim Damaged

Basically did something stupid and didnt realize till the damage is done. I inserted a Micro Sim adaptor without the micro sim into the N97 Mini. Then the Micros Sim adaptor will not come out. When it did come out the pins were damaged :-(    ( Wiffey was not a happy )

N97 Mini+Microsim adaptor


N97 Mini damaged pins

I thought about resoldering the sim contacts with new ones - ordered new ones I thing that will suit, then I got hold of the service manual and OMG. FMD.... Nokia designed their phones with non servicable parts. You can not reuse some of the parts that you have to take off to get to the sim contacts.

It has now just become a paperweight. Anyways in hindsight the N97 was crap to begin with - constant naging from the wife about the phone. Now it just got worse :-(

Anyways Here is the service manual for the Nokia N97 Mini.



The benefit of Nokia using the Windows IOS will be that it will get better language support. I also found it hard to get Chinese language onto the N97mini, when it didnt come with the phone.

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