Friday, 12 October 2012

M35 Stagea Air Con Filter

The Stagea that I owned reeked of Smoke ( Smoking is bad ) so no matter how much deoderant I spay, the smell of smoke will longer. Car has been smoke free and deoderized, however the smell is still there when I use the Air Con.

So you can replace the filter, I got a Bltz Aircon filter online after doing some search. Part number HA202.

Nissan Stagea Aircon Filter

To install it you have to remove the passerger side glove box. Start off by removing the lining on there passender door and the kick panel. these are clipped in and pops off.

Open the glove box and remove the four screws

M35 Stagea Glove Box

The bottom black pastic pops out, the side kick panel pops out.

M35 Stagea Glove Box

M35 Stagea Glove Box

Once kick panel removed, remove left side screw.

M35 Stagea Glove Box

Right side screw location

M35 Stagea Glove Box

Twist to remove the glovebox light, Press the clips to remove the other attachment on the glovebox.


M35 Stagea Glove Box

Careful here, If you pull too hard the plastic will snap.

1- Unclip

2 - Do not leaver it more then a inch as the clip will snap

3 - Pull out.

4 - Replace filter ( filter should indicate / show which side is up )


Reverse the process - to put the Glove box back In

M35 Stagea  Filthy filter

Throw out dirty filter, Air con still has some traces of smoke smell. Smoking is a filthy habit :-(.


Good thing about the new filter is that it can be washed and re-used.

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