Wednesday, 10 October 2012

ZTEMF30 Setup for Telstra

Scan for wireless network and connect, straight out of the box the ZTEMF30 is unsecured.

Default username and Password should be admin admin. I would change password first - refer to wifi settings and change language setting to Enlgish.

The Vodaphone version is enlgish default and the device can not be unlocked easily as the other prepaid device K3765. Hence thats why we got this one off Ebay already unlocked.


Main Navigation Page

WAN Connection

Set this to autoconnect, will ask for sim pin first time.



- Wireless info

This is what you should see when the devices is connected to 3G network.


- Network Select


3G Setting

- APN Setting ( this is the main part you will need to configure )

Out of the box it does not have Telstra Details. I have entered one alredy in this Image.


To set APN for telstra data, if you have other network carrier you have to find the APN detials.Depend on what plan you are you have to use the correct APN. In my case its Telstra.Datapack

APN settings for Australian Carrier

Click Add

Enter detials

Profile Name : this case i named it "UrProvider - Telstra"

APN Setting : select Manual

APN : Telstra.Datapack

Dial No : *99#

PDP Type : IP

PDP Setting : Auto PDP

DNS : Auto DNS

Authentication : CHAP / PAP

Username : "leave blank"

Password : "leave blank"


Save and set as default



This changes the defualt login password.


Up to you if you want the device to ask for a PIN everytime you connect to internet, I have this setting to Disable. If i dont want internet, i use the hardware switch to turn the device off.



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