Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Installing Wii Key 2

Taking the Wii apart. Some of the screws you need access to will be hidden under the legs and small plastic squares. You will need either a stanly knife or a fine flat head screwdriver to lift of the sticky squares and rubber to access screws.

Wii Screw Points

After taking these screws out you will need to take out the following back faceplate. Take note that there is one long screw closest to the DVD slot.

Wii Screw Points

Once all screws are out, take the DVD cover off gently and disconnect the cable. You may need a small screwdriver to help as it is quite small to get your fingers in there.

Once you done the DVD cover you can remove the black face plate.

Wii Screw points behind face plate

After these screws are out, you can take the top off. Use gentel force, if something feels stuck. Do not force it, but check if you missed some screws. Then you can access the DVD and remove it by undoing the following screws.

Wii DVD Screw points

Lift gently as the Ribbon are still attaced to the DVD.

Wii DVD attached to Board

Once the DVD is board is removed, you can work on soldering the WiiKey to the board. Follow the standard install guide or you can use the solderless option. There are benefits off using both.

However the solder option is more permanent and will not fall off if you move your Wii. Follow the official install guide for your model.

Wiikey2 site  Install guide from their site v1.2 or download from here.

This is the final install and mounting place I chose, I have also used double sided tape to keep the WiiKey2 in place.

WiiKey2 Installed

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