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M35 Parts Images

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M35 Stagea Part List

Dont Blame Me, Blame Google Translate

Engine without the engine understaffed units and assemblies for Nissan Stagea M35 (NM35)


R10102  エンジン アツセンブリ-,ベア リビルト


Eng assy-bare


10103 エンジン アツセンブリ-,シヨ-ト


10102 エンジン アツセンブリ-,ベア


11011K Gasuketsutokitsuto


 11042K Gasuketsutokitsuto valve regrind


11,010 ブロ ツク アツ センブリ -, シリンダ -

11 000-AQ800

11010GC pin-block


11,023 + A cap


11010C Bushing


11023A Gasket


11,023 + B plug / plug


11010GA Centring sleeve


11023AA Gasket


11010GB Pin


11021M plug / socket taper




11010G pin-block


11,023 cap


11010GD Finger


12293 Bolt brg cap


11,010 ブロ ツク アツ センブリ -, シリンダ -

11 000-AQ800

Crankshaft seal 12296M


Oil seal crankshaft rear

11121Z Gasket Engine

11140 Oil Probe

11 140-AL501
11 121 A gasket oil pan

11012G sealing ring

11,110 パン アツ センブリ -, オイル

11 110-AQ800
パン アツ センブリ -, オイル

11 110-AQ801


? インタークーラー & パイピング

12,121 ジエ ツト アツ センブリ -, オイル

11 560-AQ800
11 121 oil pan gasket

11251N strap / cover / rear cover. plat

30 417-AL500
11110E Hex Bolt

11128A Gasket oil pan drain plug

A 11 110 oil pan assembly

11 110-AL810

11,128 drain plug


11110F-head bolt with dihedral


M35 Stagea Info

Here are various files that I have found on the net put in one convenient locations as a base for other M35 owners as I build my own knowledge base.

Nissan M35 Stagea Optional Parts Catalog PDF

E-Manage Ultimate VQ30DE ( DandyMax )

The M35 is a VQ25DET, this the above is a good starting point for tuning, other available aftermarket CPU is the Nismo factory ECU, and G-Zone. Not much info for M35 Tuning.

M35 ECU Pinouts

M35 Connector Pinout

Generic Nissan ECU or Data Register Table

Nissan Consult II Software I have not tested this as I dont have the Hardware, use at your own risk.

Consult User Manual - North America ver.

Engine Reset M35


NOTE: To access trouble codes, accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor must be functioning correctly.

Ensure accelerator pedal is fully released

Switch ignition ON. DO NOT start engine

Wait 3 seconds

Within 5 seconds, repeat the following 5 times:

> Fully depress accelerator pedal.

> Fully release accelerator pedal.

Wait 7 seconds.

Fully depress accelerator pedal and hold.

After approximately 10 seconds MIL will start flashing.

Fully release accelerator pedal.

Trouble codes are now displayed by MIL.

Count MIL flashes.

Compare to trouble code table.

Each trouble code consists of four groups of one or more flashes.

Ten flashes in a group indicate '0'.

The first group of flashes indicate the 'thousands' of the trouble code.

The second group of flashes indicate the 'hundreds' of the trouble code.

The third group of flashes indicate the 'tens' of the trouble code.

The fourth group of flashes indicate the 'units' of the trouble code.

A short pause separates each trouble code group.

A long pause separates each trouble code.

Switch ignition OFF.


Ensure accelerator pedal is fully released.

Ensure ignition switched OFF for at least 10 seconds.

Switch ignition ON - DO NOT start engine.

Wait 3 seconds.

Within 5 seconds, repeat the following 5 times:

> Fully depress accelerator pedal.

> Fully release accelerator pedal.

Wait 7 seconds.

Fully depress accelerator pedal and hold.

After approximately 10 seconds MIL will start flashing.

Fully release accelerator pedal.

Trouble codes are now displayed by MIL.

Fully depress accelerator pedal for more than 10 seconds.

Fully release accelerator pedal.

Trouble code 0000 should be displayed.

Rotors - RDA

RDA954S (front)

RDA7657S (rear)




Nissan part number is 22401-AQ815 according to FAST and will be NGK platinum.


Denso iridium plugs are IKH22

AirFlow Meter

Housing Part Number : 22680-6N200       &     22680-6N201

OEM part Number 22680-6N211

New part number as of 2006December-22680-6N21A


Current Intermittent problem with my M35, I have yet got around to looking at. The 4WD light always on issue.

The relay under the air filter controls the Atessa ( 4WD ) system.

M35 4WD Light

M35 4WD Light

M35 4WD Light

Found Updated Info more specific to the M35

M35 4WD Light

M35 4WD Light

M35 4WD Light

M35 4WD Light

More Info - the above is also known as a YAW sensor.

The G35 Infinity Part number is 47930-AL700

Bosch Yaw Sensor Info - info on Pinout

Other stuff you may find useful

350Z ECU Bin Dump

Nissan Part Number Guide. Doc reference

Nissan CUBE Key Programming Guide ( its in Japanese :-( i cant translate - sorry ) If someone can translate - I can update it, but i guess it should be similar to the Stagea Key Programming Guide.

Nissan Cube Key Register


M35 Oil and Fuel Change

Had some spare time over the holiday break to do your standard Oil and Fuel filter change.

The oil change is pretty straight forward. Sorry for lack of pictures....

Apparently the factory spec of the oil for M35 are 7.5W30

So anything close enough will do. ie 10W30 or 10W40 its a matter of preference and driving style, The M35 is now my shopping trolley - where I use to enjoy giving the R33 a fang around the corners - so chose the oil to suit your needs. You will need about 4.5 Litres.


Oil Filter Part numbers : Basically same as Nissan S15 : Z445

 Z445 Oil Filter

You can get OEM ones from here also from JustJaps

Once oil change was complete, I thouht that the M35 used the same parts as orther Nissans, S15 etc, thought that the fuel filter will be the same also. However trying to find the fuel filter had me scatching my head for 30 Mins as I tried to trace the fuel lines.

In the end, I found out that NM35 Stagea do not have fuel filters in the engine bay. They use fuel screen and it it inside the fuel tank together with the fuel pump.

Fuel Filter Part Number = 16400-4M405

Fuel Filter


Fuel Filter


 16400-4M405 Fuel Filter


M35 Stagea Air Filter

Replacing the standard filter with Blitz Filter is pretty straight forward. Remove all the clips off the Air Filter, and the snokle for the intake.

M35 Air Filter Snokle

Remove the Top Lid of the filter and screwpoints holding it down.

M35 Air Filter Lid

M35 Air Filter Screw point support

M35 Air Filter

Now the tricky /scratch your head part ? Took me a while to figure this out as I didnt want to break anything. Basically once you remove all the bolts that you can see. Pull the filter up, it will require some force.

There is two grommets holding the filter in place.

M35 Air Filter Grommets

M35 Air Filter Blitz

M35 Stagea Air Con Filter

The Stagea that I owned reeked of Smoke ( Smoking is bad ) so no matter how much deoderant I spay, the smell of smoke will longer. Car has been smoke free and deoderized, however the smell is still there when I use the Air Con.

So you can replace the filter, I got a Bltz Aircon filter online after doing some search. Part number HA202.

Nissan Stagea Aircon Filter

To install it you have to remove the passerger side glove box. Start off by removing the lining on there passender door and the kick panel. these are clipped in and pops off.

Open the glove box and remove the four screws

M35 Stagea Glove Box

The bottom black pastic pops out, the side kick panel pops out.

M35 Stagea Glove Box

M35 Stagea Glove Box

Once kick panel removed, remove left side screw.

M35 Stagea Glove Box

Right side screw location

M35 Stagea Glove Box

Twist to remove the glovebox light, Press the clips to remove the other attachment on the glovebox.


M35 Stagea Glove Box

Careful here, If you pull too hard the plastic will snap.

1- Unclip

2 - Do not leaver it more then a inch as the clip will snap

3 - Pull out.

4 - Replace filter ( filter should indicate / show which side is up )


Reverse the process - to put the Glove box back In

M35 Stagea  Filthy filter

Throw out dirty filter, Air con still has some traces of smoke smell. Smoking is a filthy habit :-(.


Good thing about the new filter is that it can be washed and re-used.

R33 Power Window Motor

Nissan Skyline R33 power window replacement guide.

Replacement powerwindow motor can be sourced from Nissan Dealer ( new $450 or 2nd hand one from EBay $99 ).

Nissan skyline r33 power window motor

Tips and tricks before going out and getting a power window motor.

If your window is stuck halfway and not fully up, Take the door trim off and hit the power window motor with a hammer or screwdriver to losen the brushes. This will temporary work to allow you to close your window.

hit here point

If you have access to a relay from a similar car ( skyline, s13 silvia, GTR ) you can test the relay.

r33 skyline relay

Last test to do, is to applie power directly to the power window motor. Unclip the connector and apply direct 12v to the motor. You can use a 12v car jumper battery pack.

power window motor clip

Taking the Trim off

To take the Trim off, pop the plastic trim where the door leaver is out can use a screwdriver.

Undo the screw in the door handle and pull the powerwindow control out

Undo the 3 screew and then pull carefully until the clips pop out.


trim screw points

Once it is off, carefully take the plastic sheet off and then tape the window to the door so that it will not drop. You will also need to take out the speaker for accessing the Power window motor.



tape window


RHS speaker

Now the fun part, you will have to feel around for where the screws holding the power window motor in. Be carefull not to round the screws or you are screwed.


power window motor

You can take out the screws with a stubby screwdriver or the funny shaped screw driver that looks like to "L" stuck together or an L shape screw driver for more leverage.

Inside door


It may take a bit of effort to take the power window motor out. Three screws hold the motor on the inside and two screws hold it on on the outside.

Finally the motor is out. To install the replacement motor, do the reverse.

old power window motor

If anyone can tell me where I can source the brushes inside that brush against the armature, I would be greatly appreciated. I will then be able to show you how to recondition the powerwindow motor.

Then main cause of the powerwindow motor burning out in this case was that the powerwindow button was faulty on closer inspection. Symtopns were if your power window button does not centre after closing/opening driver side window and you continue to hear the motor wind once the window has fully closed/open. The replacement motor died same sameway within 3 months.

Worn brush

Worb brush



magnet and my fingers