Wednesday, 10 October 2012

IPhone 4 Parts List

like most phones, it will likely be dropped at some stage and when it lands badly somethings gonna break.

Broken Iphone 4

At the time the only parts that were available for cheap was from Ebay ;-(

So I Took a gamble, and low and behold Gamble failed. I is never gonna buy from that mob again. I think I learned my lesson.

##RANT  Short story is LCD panel doesn't work sent item back - said they never received it LIAR LIAR. my fault for not sending it registered post!!!. Aussie seller - boo you.    END RANT ###

Broken Iphone 4Broken Iphone 4 Cost : $74.99 Cost : $44.50

Took a month of waiting and gave up EbayCrapTechStore - so ordered another one of EBAY from yallstock - HK. This time the screen worked first go. But I will go with DX in future as they now stock all parts.

Anyways DX now have these in stock and the right Tools to fix it.

Broken Iphone 4 Tool kit

I have the above tool kit.This makes life so much easier when putting things back together again or not losing the small screws.

Broken Back iPhone 4 Cover can be repaired under $10 AUD. Beats paying someone $$$ to undo two screws. Heres proof.

buy new Iphone 4 back cover

Do NOT Buy iPhone 4 Front Screen and Digitizer as seperate Items. Make sure they come as One unit. You can not remove the LCD screen from the original front screen digitizer.

Digitiser StandaloneDigitiser Standalone

Replacement LCD Touch Screen Digitizer w/ Back Cover Set will set you back around $44.50 AUD

Replacement LCD Touch Screen Digitizer w/ Back Cover Set


For all other parts look here at this link. Click image below.


Replacement LCD Touch Screen Digitizer w/ Back Cover Set

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